Find out the origins of Nol in ‘t Bosch in Wageningen

Hotel Restaurant Nol in ‘t Bosch is situated in the woods at the edge of the Southern Veluwezoom in Wageningen. The hotel has been a much-loved destination for holiday makers and business people alike for over 175 years. Its origins date back to 1836. 

Expansion of Nol in ‘t Bosch 

Nol in ‘t Bosch’s popularity increased rapidly in the years following. By buying extra land, Arnoldus extended the location in Wageningen. In 1877 he transferred ownership to his son in law, who expanded Nol in ‘t Bosch into a hotel with a playground, a tennis court and later on even a paddock.


Connection with public roads

The hotel was splendidly located, but the woods had their downside as well: the Veluwezoom was not easily accessible for holiday makers. However, this changed when the tram route Ede-Wageningen was built in 1882 and soon after that the Oosterstoomtram [Eastern Steam Tram] line in 1885. The hotel benefitted from the improved connection between the Veluwezoom and the public road. Until today the forests and woods in the surroundings of Nol in ‘t Bosch are invaluable for the hotel.

Family business Nol in ‘t Bosch

Apart from holiday makers the Dutch Royal Family frequently visited the hotel. Princess Beatrix was a regular guest. Memories of these occasions are to be found in the hall of the hotel. Nowadays Hotel Restaurant Nol in ‘t Bosch is still owned by the same family and so can deservedly be called a family business.

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